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Hey there, welcome to the Calm Gut blog! I’m Sam Diss, and I’ve been on quite the rollercoaster ride with gut health for over a decade now. What started as a sensitive stomach turned into a real hassle over the past few years, putting a damper on my love for food and causing all sorts of pain and discomfort.

I’ve clocked in numerous visits to my GP, only to end up with the usual prescriptions like PPi’s and acid reducers. But, I wasn’t content with just that. I rolled up my sleeves and dived headfirst into researching diets, supplements, and lifestyle tweaks to take charge of my well-being.

Armed with personal experiences and a Diploma in Diet and Nutrition advisement, I’ve navigated this bumpy road of gut health. While I’m here to share what worked wonders for me, it’s crucial to stress the importance of consulting medical pros and sticking to your GP’s advice.

Through this blog, I aim to discuss what worked for me, resulting in shorter flare-ups and longer stretches of feeling great. I’m excited to share these findings with you but remember, your health journey is unique. Got questions or comments? I’m all ears! Let’s team up and make this gut health journey a bit smoother together!

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  1. Hello! I have been trying to understand this episode of acute gastritis that I have been suffering with for the last month. It came
    On suddenly after a very prolonged and very intensely stressful period in my life. I am trying many things, some of which you recommend but find myself deeply triggered by much of it. If I end up vomiting something then the symptoms are heard to beat after. It’s hard to sleep or function at all. I feel determined to understand this from the perspective of my body. I’m terrified to go on PPIs. Do you have any suggestions of a top 5 things that can soothe when in acute distress? I know you comment on how different anyone is, but if you do have suggestions I’d appreciate it. I keep trying new things – like cabbage juice today- and my body revolted and I can’t stabilize since. Please let me know and thank you for the time and care you’ve put into this.

  2. Hello, and may your day be in peace. I came across your site doing some research. Recently I’ve started to develop some digestion issues, things have been stressful, but within the past 2 weeks every time I eat, I start to get full faster and bloating really fast. For instance, I’ll start to eat a sandwich and about halfway I’ll start to get full, my palms will get clammy, my heart races, breathing will get shallow. I can finish the sandwich but I’ll be in fight or flight mode the whole time and I feel full, burps. Often a half hour or so after I eat I’ll feel as if my stomach is kind of empty, but that’s probably gas. My blood pressure is fine, though my heart rate is really high, anywhere from 94-108 a minute when I eat and shortly after. My stole is fine, no vomiting, it’s just that I can only eat a small quantity of food now, and it developed within the past two weeks. Interesting side note, and I know, I shouldn’t self-medicate, something common among us veterans. But, when I have some alcoholic drinks in the evening, I can eat a hamburger with no issues. Let me know of your experience and opinion and thank you for your services…

    1. Sorry its taken so long to reply to you. How are you feeling now ? It sounds like you had very similar symptoms to me where you feel full very quickly. Having small and frequent meals certainly can help with this. I know alcohol can feel like its helping but its generally only a temporary fix as it numbs the nervecells so you are less aware of any irritation, but it really does damage the stomach lining and if you can try and have a break from alcohol for a while, it will make such a difference.

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