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Welcome to the Calm gut blog, my name is Sam Diss and you could say I have ‘been there, done it and got the T-shirt’ with regards to gut health over the years. So I’m hoping I can pass on some of what I have discovered through trial and error about diet, food, supplements, different medications and procedures.

I have had what I class as a sensitive stomach for about 10 years (maybe longer) but it’s only in the past 4-5 years that it’s become more of an issue and to be honest a real pain. At times going for long periods not enjoying my favourite food and drinks, causing me pain, nausea, and discomfort.

After visiting my GP numerous times over the years and basically just being given PPi’s and other acid-reducing medicine, I decided to start researching how to best help myself with diet, supplements and lifestyle.

Its made a huge difference and my ‘Flare-ups’ are now much shorter and I can go long periods with no issues.

So I thought it might be useful to blog about what I have found that has made a real difference to me. I have a Diploma in Diet and Nutrition advisement but of course, it goes without saying that you should always be seeking medical advice for any issues and following your GP’s advice.

Hope you find it useful, please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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