10 Best supplements for Gastritis

Gastritis is a condition where the stomach becomes inflamed. It can be caused by such things as drinking too much alcohol, excessive use of certain pain relief medication (NSAIDs) or a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori (H.Pylori).

Although many people use medication to treat Gastritis, Supplements can be a really helpful part of healing. Some can be used when on medication like PPIs to help speed up the healing process, whereas Some will use them as they wean off PPIs or just as a natural alternative.

Slippery Elm

A very popular supplement. Slippery elm (Ulmus fulva) has been used for centuries by Native Americans as a herbal remedy. They would use it for wounds, skin inflammation and take it orally for coughs and stomach issues. It works by coating the stomach lining and is very soothing when you have Gastritis issues.

I make mine by mixing a teaspoon of powder in a small amount of cold or warm water and then mix till it thickens and goes a bit gloopy. Then I drink it down. It’s not the most pleasant taste or consistency but it really does bring some relief.

It’s best to take it 20 minutes before a meal if you can, although if you are taking any other medication you need to avoid taking it within 2 hours of each other, as it can stop your medication from being absorbed properly.

This is one of my favourites and has a good consistency Now – Slippery elm powder

Zinc L Carnosine

A supplement that is prescribed in Japan to treat ulcers that many people get great results from. I tried it not expecting to notice any results at all or at least not for a while. But within a few days, my stomach felt stronger. I carried on taking it for 3 months and by the end of that time, my stomach was healed.

I am not saying it was just the Zinc L carnosine, as I was following a strict diet as well, but I feel it helped immensely. Now if I ever have a flare-up it’s the first thing I reach for.

I would take one first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and then another one at bedtime, again on an empty stomach. I had no side effects at all (which is rare for me) but I know people that did and so started off taking it with food at first.

This is the best one I have found – Doctor’s Best PepZin GI, Zinc-L-Carnosine Complex

selection of pills with a green leaf


Probiotics are taken for a multitude of digestive complaints and can be very beneficial in helping your body to get back on track. They work by restoring the natural balance of bacteria in your gut, which is something that can be off balance in people with Gastritis and other digestive conditions.

I found them helpful when trying to recover from a Gastritis flare up, and they certainly help with other issues like constipation.

I have tried various ones over the years and have not always noticed any difference, but I think when it comes to probiotics you get what you pay for, and these are more expensive but are brilliant. I try and change my probiotics every few months, so my body doesn’t get too used to a particular one.

These ones are great – Nutrition Essentials Top Probiotic Supplement and these are another of my go-to’s Biocare BioAcidophilus

Digestive enzymes

Some people with Gastritis and other digestive complaints find that their digestion can become very sluggish, and when food sits in our stomach for long periods of time it can give us further issues. I was recommended the Papaya ones and they definitely helped my food digest faster, which in turn helped me with nausea and heavy feeling I would have after meals.

I love these ones – American Health Original Papaya Digestive Enzyme Chewable Tablets

DGL ( Deglycyrrhizinated licorice )

This is very popular with many Gastritis sufferers and is said to work by increasing mucus production. This can help protect the stomach from acid.

I think they taste really nice but might depend on if you like the taste of liquorice. There is also a chocolate flavoured one. You do need to chew them to get them to work effectively.

Some people can’t have licorice if they have high blood pressure, but DGL has the glycyrrhizin removed so is generally considered safe. But it may be an idea to check this with your doctor.

I use this one:- Natural factors DGL 

Digestive bitters

Much like the digestive enzymes, digestive bitters help the body digest food faster and more efficiently, but bitters actually encourage your own body to produce digestive juices.

You only need to use a few drops depending on what one you get, but I noticed a huge improvement in my digestion, and it stopped me from getting that overfull feeling for ages after my meal. I used the Swedish bitters and used in conjunction with a plain diet they helped me immensely.

I use this one and it lasts for ages and tastes ok too – Bitter Swedish Drops Maria Treben

Marshmallow root

Marshmallow root (no not the squidgy sweet one we use for smores) is a centuries-old herb that has been used for conditions such as skin and lung problems, bacterial infections, and digestive problems. It is a natural mucilage and works in a similar way to slippery elm, which helps reduce inflammation of the stomach lining. I found it really helpful and certainly felt like it protected my stomach before eating a meal.

I would use the powder and mix with water and then drink about 20 mins before a meal. It can also be added to smoothies and food if you prefer it that way. I find this one works well and is easy to use and prepare.

Organic Marshmallow Root Powder


Our bodies need l-Glutamine for healing wounds and good digestion so it makes sense that it can help the stomach heal from Gastritis. It’s an easy supplement to add to smoothies and oats. I am not keen on the taste, so this is a good way of disguising it. It made my stomach feel stronger when I took it and I know lots of people who rave about how great it is for their Gastritis and IBS.

It’s recommended that you start on a very low dose and gradually build this up. It should say on the packaging what the recommended dose is.

I used this one and it comes in a big tub, so it lasts for ages.

Doctor’s Best Pure L-Glutamine Powder

Aloe vera juice

I have used Aloe vera for years for various ailments, for treating skin irritations, healing wounds and even for constipation. In recent years I discovered drinking Aloe vera juice is good for digestive issues such as Gastritis too. It helps reduce inflammation plus helps heal damaged tissues. It’s easy to drink and I found it worked really well. I started slowly though and built up my consumption.

I was advised to get Georges as it has no additives, and its very clean with no bitter taste, its almost like just drinking water – Georges Aloe Vera Drink,


This is one supplement that divides people with Gastritis, some people think it’s amazing and believe it has healed their gastritis whilst some find it just aggravates their stomach even more. I am a little in between, when I was having a Gastritis flare-up, I did try turmeric and I feel like it just made things worse. I suppose I could have persevered but when you already feel so awful It’s the last thing you want to do.

But a few months later and when I was partially healed, I thought I would try again and that time I had no issues with it and in fact, my stomach did seem to be benefiting from it and feeling stronger. So, I would say try it but use cautiously at first, and also don’t have the one that contains black pepper.

I use this one and had no issues, it has no black pepper as mentioned – New Chapter Turmeric Supplement

10 Best supplements for Gastritis – Tried and Tested Recommendations that work

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