How to Relieve Gastritis Pain Fast at Home

Soothing a Gastritis Flare-up quick

Everyone’s experience of a Gastritis flare-up is different. For some it may be mild discomfort, perhaps nausea, for some the pain will be unbearable. Many will take medication, but for some like myself, they will prefer to try and calm their stomach inflammation down naturally. Either way during a flare-up, it’s good to know there are things that will help calm and soothe your stomach fast.

I have tried many things over the years, some have worked better for me than others. The following are now my essential go-to’s when I am experiencing a flare-up.

Chicken bone broth soup

If your digestive system is really suffering, to the point where you are struggling to eat much, Chicken bone broth is brilliant. It contains Collagen and gelatine which are released from the bones as you cook them. These contain anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also incredibly soothing and is easy for your stomach to digest.

The first time I tried it I was amazed at how quickly my stomach felt some relief.  I had been feeling very nauseous, with no appetite and eating just a small amount made my stomach sore. I found just sipping the bone broth throughout the day eased the nausea and after a couple of days, I actually had a glimmer of my appetite back.

I make my own broth, but you can also purchase it ready-made, but you do need to be careful of the ingredients. You want to avoid anything with added Salt, Garlic and Onions. It is usually suggested you add apple cider vinegar or lemon to the broth which is generally added to help break down the collagen so that there is more of it in the broth. Not everyone with Gastritis can handle this though, I prefer to leave it out, whilst my stomach is still so sore.

For my recipe on making your own Chicken bone broth, click here.

Potato Juice for Gastritis

Potato juice is a well-known treatment for stomach issues. It is highly alkaline, so reduces the stomachs acidity, giving quick relief from Bloating, stomach pain and heartburn. It is best taken on an empty stomach, and a small glass should be taken mixed with a little warm water 1- 3 times a day at least half an hour before meals.


  • 1 or 2 ripe potatoes
  • Water


  • Grater
  • Cheesecloth
  • or a Juicer


  • Clean and peel the potatoes
  • Grate the potato
  • Put into a cheesecloth
  • Squeeze the juice from the potato into a glass
  • Alternatively, you can use a juicer, which makes things a little easier

Slippery elm powder

Slippery elm (Ulmus fulva) has been used for centuries by Native Americans as a herbal remedy. They would use it for wounds, skin inflammation and take it orally for coughs and stomach issues.

I always keep a packet of this in my cupboard, in case my stomach becomes upset. You just mix a teaspoon of the powder with a little water and drink it down. It’s not the most delicious thing you’ll have all day but it’s ok. It coats your stomach lining and I feel an instant soothing when my stomach is sore.

You can buy capsules too, which can be useful to take out with you or on holiday, but I tend to think the powder is better.

This is the powder I always use:- Indigo Herbs Slippery Elm Powder 100g

These are the capsules I have to take out with me:- Bio-Health Slippery Elm Capsules

Baking soda (Bicarbonate of soda)

If your symptoms include burning and acid, baking soda is great for instant relief as it immediately helps neutralise the acid in your stomach. Half a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with at least 125ml of water.

This should only be used as a temporary measure though, as Baking soda is a salt and regular intake is not recommended.

Camomile tea

I find Camomile very soothing, in fact even more soothing than plain water when I am having a flare-up. It has long been recognized as an anti-inflammatory and so is a great choice to calm your stomach. If you let your teabag steep in hot water for 10-15 minutes you will get the most benefit from it. I like mine with a slice of fresh ginger too.


I love Ginger, I add it to my tea, add it to my stir-fries and even chew a small piece raw at times. It has well known anti-inflammatory properties and is brilliant at easing the nausea associated with Gastritis.

DGL (Deglycyrrhizinated liquorice)

This is very popular with many Gastritis sufferers and is said to work by increasing mucus production. This can help protect the stomach from acid. I think they taste really nice but might depend on if you like the taste of liquorice. There is also a chocolate flavoured one. You do need to chew them to get them to work effectively.

I use this one:- Natural factors DGL – 90 chewable tablets

Heat pack/wrap

I can’t live without my heat wrap. At times when I have had a flare-up, there is nothing more comforting than laying down with a warm heat wrap on my stomach. I feel sometimes the stress of having Gastritis makes things worse, and a heat pack just instantly relaxes you.

A hot water bottle is just as good, but I find the wheat wrap more convenient, a couple of minutes in the microwave and its ready. Plus, mine smells of lavender which is also naturally relaxing.

This is the one I bought, I love it and it smells so good too! Zhu-Zhu Lavender Body Wrap – Microwavable Wheat Bag – Purple Fleece – Soothing Hot Pack Heat Therapy

Eat smaller meals

Try not to eat too much at one time, a large meal is very hard for the stomach to digest.

Eating a small breakfast and then a snack mid-morning followed by a small lunch and another snack mid-afternoon will be much gentler on your stomach.

An example of your meals could look something like this:-

For example, your meals could be something like this:-

Breakfast – Oats with sliced banana

Mid-morning – A rice cake with peanut/almond butter

Lunch – Poach eggs on toast

Mid-afternoon snack – hummous with pitta bread, oatcakes or watermelon

Dinner – poached salmon, rice and broccoli

Evening snack – a handful of walnuts or lightly salted pretzels.

Plus leaving the stomach empty for long periods of time can cause gastric juices to irritate the stomach lining. So smaller frequent meals are very beneficial.

Drink coconut water

Coconut water possesses anti-inflammatory properties as well as being full of antioxidants and electrolytes. These all help soothe an inflamed stomach lining. Drink 2 or 3 cups a day in between meals. Avoid any brands with added sugars or citric acid.

Try and relax

I know it’s easier said than done but try and relax if you can. Stressing over your Gastritis flare will only make things worse. It’s all too easy to let your mind work overtime and think of little else. Believe me, I have been there. But do Try and distract yourself if you can, go for a gentle walk, take a hot bubble bath, or watch your favourite TV show. It will allow your body to be calm and relaxed and allow it to start healing.

For more ideas on de-stressing see my post Is Stress causing your Gastritis? 10 Tips for a Relaxed Gut

How to Relieve Gastritis Pain Fast at Home

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  1. I have been both to an entomologist and an ENT doctor and neither one diagnosed me with gastritis as I have relayed these symptoms to both also relaying there feels like some type of lump in my throat. This info is very helpful

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